At TEMKA we employ experienced shipbuilders, marine engineers and naval architects.

There are several firms operating in this sector but we distinguish ourselves with our skilled and knowledgeable workers and leadership. We are proud to say that we have fully qualified and experienced shipbuilders, marine engineers and naval architects in our team and leadership, some with more than 40 years of experience in this industry. So you can rest assured that we understand your needs from the bottom of our organization to the top.

Insurance Surveyor in Azerbaijan

TEMKA Engineering Services Ltd. have the equipment and expertise to make structural changes or replace onboard equipment. We are able to maintain a range of specialized knowledge and experience that is unmatched by most marine ship repairs because of our market diversity, which also enables us to contribute a wealth of knowledge to every project.

Our marine engineering consultants can handle everything from basic steelwork and pipes to the most intricate electrical and mechanical systems furthermore to internal accommodations being repaired and upgraded, whether your ship has experienced a minor equipment breakdown or even something more serious. As a result, we are able to serve our clients with ease, fully understanding the service profile and requirements for each ship type, whether it be dry-docking, insurance surveys, or emergency repairs.

Naval Architecture Services


In the chart below you can see the different ship types that we have worked on. So whether it is dry-docking, insurance surveys or emergency repairs, we can readily serve our clients, knowing full-well the service profile and requirements for each ship type. This sort of experience is unique to our company as we are one of the longest serving in the region and are versatile with our skills.


Marine Engineering Repair Service

Mobilisation Services

Wheelhouse, mast, pontoon removal/installation for Volga-Don Canal transit, including engineering.

Marine Engineering Service in Azerbaijan

Upgrade Services

Fabrication and installation of additional tanks, modules, accommodation, equipment & machinery.

Hull Services

Steel, aluminium hull construction, inspection, thickness measurement, repair by certified welders.

Marine Spare Parts Supply

Blasting & Painting

Blasting of hull, deck, open/closed spaces. High pressure washing, scraping. High quality painting.

Insurance Surveyor in Azerbaijan

Propulsion Services

Conventional (shafted), podded propulsion service. FPP, CPP removal, overhaul. Bow thruster service.

Naval Architecture Engineering

Mechanical Services

Engine and deck machinery service and repair. Crane and lifting appliance inspection and repair.

Electrical Services

Electric motor testing, service, rewinding and replacement. Cleaning and testing of switchboards.

Engineering Services

Stability, strength and sea-fastening calculations. Upgrade projects - full design and engineering packages.