We started serving the Caspian Sea marine sector in 1996 as a specialized ship-repair company. We were one of the very first companies in the sector to be ISO 9001 certified by DNV. We delivered complex, multi-disciplinary projects for both local and international clients.

Over time, we adapted to the needs of our customers and branched out to offshore and civil construction and repair projects. With our highly skilled workforce, we apply our experience and know-how to offer the same services but in different environments, with different requirements.

We have relocated in 2020 to a new workshop to better serve our customers. As TEMKA Engineering Services Ltd., we continue to offer the same services with the same quality, that our clients have grown accustomed to over the last 24 years.


We appreciate the importance of strict compliance to minimize risk and maximize peace-of-mind for our customers and ourselves. We have consistently maintained a portfolio of certifications and licenses from various governmental and non-governmental authorities for safe and high-quality work. Our work has also been recognised by both national and international organisations.


Our biggest asset is our people and their safety is our top priority.

We employ an array of highly-skilled and capable employees, some who have been with us since the very first day, for more than 20 years. This longevity ensures solid cooperation and productive teamwork which is demonstrated in the work we do.

We continue to prepare future generation of workers through our training and apprenticeship programs. Our employees' skills are regularly developed, tested and certified to national and international standards.