Ship Repair and Maintenance Services

Bringing our marine and offshore experience to shore.

Very early in our company's history, as a specialized ship repair services and offshore engineering company, we received many requests from our clients to assist them with civil engineering projects. The high standards that we fulfilled in the offshore and marine industry made us the perfect choice for complex steel fabrication and outfitting projects in the civil industry. Over the years, we have sharpened our skills and expanded our resources to deliver a full spectrum of civil engineering, fabrication and repair services.

Ship Repair and Maintenance Services

Civil Construction Services

Pre-Engineered Buildings

Ship Repair Services

Turn-key projects (design, construction, outfitting) as well as subcontracting for construction of steel framed, pre engineered buildings. Special expertise with prefabrication for assembly in remote areas.

Gating and Fencing

For both residential and commercial zones, we design, fabricate and install manual and automatic gates of various sizes and materials. In addition to construction, we can repair and modify gates and fences of any materials.


We have the manpower and the equipment required to both pour and demolish concrete. We offer several different grades of material and service to match your needs.


Cable pulling, fixture installation, piping, HVAC, insulation, roofing, carpentry, interiors, painting, wallpapers, flooring, paneling and much more - for both industrial and residential projects.